Bolney Circular to Cider Tap

Bolney Circular to Cider Tap

3.7km – 2.3 miles        Difficulty – Easy

Parking: Anywhere along The Street in Bolney (The St, Bolney, Haywards Heath RH17 5PF)

This walk starts in Bolney on The Street and is a pleasant walk through the woods and Bolney Wine Estate, at which you can enjoy vineyard tours, a shop and dining. It is worth noting that there are a few stiles along the route and is perfectly accessible for dogs – our labrador loved this walk and had no issues! Halfway around is a stop at the Cider Tap, where you can enjoy delicious cider and street food (see website for more info). The walk also features some of the Diamond Way.

The map we used is the OL34 map.

Walk Directions

1. This walk starts in Bolney, along The Street – there is plenty of street parking here. There are many pretty houses in Bolney and it is very quiet so although it does start on a road, it is not a busy one.

2. If you are coming from Cowfold Road, head up the road, keeping an eye out for the footpath sign on your left-hand side (see pic below). It is just next to a house. The Rawson Hall will be on the right-hand side of the road.

Bolney footpath

3. Follow this footpath until it brings you out on Foxhole Lane. Directly opposite you, you will see a gate and a lane to the left of it, take this lane straight onward through the vineyard.

bolney wine estate

4. Enjoy walking through the lovely vineyard and keep following this footpath until you see the footpath sign on your left-hand side pointing right. Take this footpath to the right, which goes down the side of a building.

bolney estate

bolney estate

5. At the end of this path, climb over the style and keep following the footpath to the left of the vineyard. Continue through the field until you are approaching the wood.

bolney vineyard

6. Take the stile and follow the footpath until you see a footpath sign with three signposts – here you will want to take the left signpost which goes over a little footbridge and on the Sussex Diamond Way.

signpost bolney

7. The footpath will bring you out on a lane, where Old Mill House is situated – here you want to continue on the footpath which is opposite, still following the Diamond Way signs.

8. This footpath will then bring you out on another lane, here turn left (the Diamond Way peels off right here, but don’t follow this) and just follow the lane directly down until you see The Cider Tap on your left-hand side. There is a lovely garden you can sit in here and try all the delicious flavours!

bolney lane

Walk down this lane to the Cider Tap

cider tap bolney

9. After you have filled up on cider and food you can return the same way by leaving the Cider Tap and turning right to retrace your steps. Here, you will want to take the same path as you came on, so take the footpath on your right and continue along until you are in the woods.

bolney walk

10. However, to mix it up, after you have crossed the footbridge, take the footpath to your left instead, on the Diamond Way.

bolney walk wood

11. This is very simple – continue following this footpath, past a house on your left. There are no other turnings until it brings you out onto Foxhole Lane.

bolney walk footpath

12. Cross straight over the road onto Lodge Lane and continue following the lane until it meets The Street.

Lodge Lane bolney

13. Here turn right onto The Street and walk down the road until you reach your car!

Route Map


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