Sussex Parkruns

Sussex has plenty of Parkruns to choose from, which if you are not already familiar, are weekly timed 5k runs on a Saturday morning, usually starting at 9am. They are completely free and all you need to bring is your printed barcode so your time can be recorded. They are open to anyone – regardless of age or ability and you can walk, jog or run them! You can also volunteer at parkrun and there are plenty of roles to fill, so check the roster for the parkrun in your area. We also love going to the more festive Parkruns, for example, if they run on Christmas Day or New Years Day!

Parkruns are a great way to get in a bit of morning exercise at the weekend, meet new people in your area, and enjoy a coffee and pastry guilt-free afterwards!

Below we have listed all the Parkruns in Sussex – click on the links to find out more information on starting times and locations.


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