Chantry Post – South Downs Circular Walk

3km – 1.9 miles     Difficulty – Easy

This walk starts on the South Downs Way and takes you on a short loop heading south off the South Downs Way, then east briefly before heading north and re-joining the South Downs Way. There are plenty of spectacular views across the South Downs National Park and this is usually a very quiet route.

Parking at Chantry Post

There is free parking at Chantry Post, which can be accessed by following Chantry Lane all the way to the top which brings you out at the car park, located on the South Downs Way. Chantry Lane leads off from the A283 just outside of Storrington village. what3words location – ///candle.pacemaker.flatten

Walk Directions

Download walk directions as PDF

1. From the car park, head through the following gate which heads south away from the South Downs Way.

chantry post view south downs

2. As soon as you pass through the gate, take the path leading off diagonally to the left.

chantry post sussex walk

3. Continue on this path as it passes through the wheat field.

chantry post walk sussex

4. Eventually you will reach the signpost shown below at the bottom of the field. After passing the wooden post, take a left and continue on this path.

chantry post walk storrington

5. The path will shortly bend round to the right – continue to follow this path.

chantry post

6. As you continue down the path, you will then reach another signpost as shown below. Take the path leading off to the left by passing through the gate.

chantry post walk

7. Continue on this path as it descends before rising up again. Shortly you will reach the signpost shown below, at which point take a left and follow the path as it starts to gently climb. Keep on this path for a while.

chantry post

8. At the top of this path, pass through the gate and immediately take a left. You are now on the South Downs Way. Keep on the South Downs Way which will take you back to the car park.

chantry post walk

Route Map


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