Sandgate Park ‘Fairy Bridge’ Circular Walk

2.5km – 1.5 miles    Difficulty – Easy

This walk takes you around the beautiful Sandgate Country Park and through the Sandgate woods. This is the perfect walk if you have children, as it is all off-road, and has the ‘Fairy Bridges’ to walk across, and streams to play in. This walk is also ideal for dogs too. Sandgate Park can be found on the edge of Storrington, to the northeast, and is a peaceful countryside area mostly made up of woodland, pathways and trails, ponds and heathland.

Parking at Sandgate Park

 The best place to park for this walk is at the Sullington Warren car park, which is to the east of the village of Storrington and can be found on Water Lane, which is just off the A283, linking Washington roundabout to Storrington village. The car park is on the left-hand side of Water Lane, opposite the entrance to the quarry (CEMEX on Google Maps), postcode RH20 3LY. Please do not be tempted to park along Water Lane as this can make the road quite dangerous.

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Alternatively, there is plenty of parking in Storrington if you want to walk from the centre of the village.

Walk Directions

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1. From the car park, head into Sullington Warren heading to the right. Take the steps down to the main path and follow this path to the right until you reach the road (Water Lane). Cross the road and turn right and you will very shortly reach Sandgate Lane, of which Sandgate Park leads off from here through the wooden gate.

sandgate park storrington

2. Follow the path until the path splits and you can continue straight on or you can turn right. The right path takes you slightly further round the park with views of the quarry, which we will follow on this walk. Alternatively, you can continue straight on, which will take you on a shorter route to the woods.

sandgate park

3. Taking the path to the right, follow this round past the quarry, where you will pass a picnic bench on your right.

sandgate park quarry

4. Continue following the path as it passes between the hedges and begins to incline. At the top of the incline, take the path to the right.

sandgate park paths

5. The path shortly has two paths leading off to the left – take the second of these paths which takes you down to the footbridge.

sandgate park walk

6. Cross over the footbridge and turn right when the path splits in either direction, which will bring you out to a pond, which is perfect for dogs to have a swim in on a hot day.

sandgate park bridge

7. At the pond, take a left up a slight incline following the path round back into the woods. Follow this path until it splits left and right (as shown below).

8. Take the right path and follow this until you reach a wooden half-gate. Here, instead of passing through the half-gate, take a left and follow this slightly less trodden path through the trees, which will eventually come out at the ‘Fairy Bridges’.

9. Cross over the ‘Fairy Bridges’, and then take a slight right before continuing straight until you reach the main path through the woods.

sandgate fairy bridge

10. Once on the main path, take a right and follow this path as it passes by a large open space filled with heather on your right.

11. This path will eventually lead to a gate and the exit of the woods. Pass through the gate and then take a left, following Sandgate Lane until it reaches the A283. From here, retrace your steps back through Sullington Warren to the car park.


Fantastic walk

Rated 5 out of 5

We have done this a few times now – thank you! Also at the end now we explore the woods a bit more and found a little waterfall and some perfect trees for climbing.

This is perfect for small children and teenagers and dogs ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Great directions

Rated 5 out of 5

Thanks a lot.


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