A Guide to Visiting Knepp Estate

Car Parking Update

There is a new walker’s car park accessed from Worthing Road slip road from the A24 and is seen on Google Maps. This car park is open from 7am -7pm and no overnight parking is allowed.

About the Knepp Estate

The Knepp Estate is located just south of Horsham and consists of 3,500 acres owned by the Burrell family for over 220 years. The land, since 2001, has been subject to a ‘rewilding’ project, using grazing animals and restoring natural water courses in order to increase wildlife in the area.

The rewilding project has seen an increase of rare species in the area, including nightingales, peregrine falcons, turtle doves and purple emperor butterflies. Isabella Tree, wife of Charlie Burrell who is the present owner of the Knepp Estate has documented the rewilding process in her book ‘Wilding’.

kneop estate sign

Walking Routes

There are a number of public footpaths that cover 16 miles of the Knepp Estate, allowing you to see the effects of the rewilding project up close. There are also five tree-viewing platforms allowing you to see panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

knepp viewing platform

Knepp Walking Map

Knepp Estate has kindly provided a walking map with four different routes mapped out, all of which start and end at the designated car park (see below). The public footpaths signs around the Knepp Estate have been helpfully colour coded to help assist with following the routes.

The yellow route is the shortest, which is approximately 3.2km (2 miles) long, followed by the white route, the blue route and the red route, which is the longest. Knepp Estate kindly asks that you stick to the designated footpaths to prevent disturbing the rewilding project.

The red route is the only route that takes you over to the Knepp ruin and this route also passes through the lovely Shipley village, home to the Shipley Windmill (where Johnathon Creek was filmed!).

knepp windmill

Shipley village is also home to St Mary’s Church, which is a lovely 12th-century church, making it one of the oldest Norman churches in Sussex.

knepp church

Free-Roaming Animals

There are a number of free-roaming animals within the Knepp Estate, including cattle, ponies, and pigs, so keep your eyes peeled for these on your walk.

knepp wildlife


There is now a live stream of the Stork’s nest on Knepp Castle. The White Storks were once a breeding bird of Sussex and Knepp, along with other sites, are helping to bring the population back. More information about the White Stork Project can be found here.

Knepp Safaris

There are a number of safaris around the Estate to choose from including the bats and moths safari, butterfly safari, dusk safari, dawn safari, and wild horses safari. Find out more about these and how to book on their website.

Knepp Camping

If you fancy staying longer to explore the Knepp Estate, then there are plenty of overnight stay options. Choose from shepherd’s huts, bell tents, yurts, and treehouses or you can pitch your own tent in a wildflower meadow. Each pitch comes with an upcycled firepit, and there are two eco-friendly flushing loos and three hot water rain showers on the campsite. Find out more about the overnight options and how to book on their website.

Refreshments and Facilities

The Stork Café kiosk is located near the Knepp campsite, which is a short walk from the walker’s car park. Here you can pick up a cup of Horsham Roasters coffee and a piece of homemade cake. There is also a small shop located here, which sells high-quality meat, with a range of more unusual cuts.

As the Knepp Estate is not a nature reserve, there are no facilities on the routes.

Things To Do Near Knepp

While visiting the Knepp Estate, why not check out some other things to do in and around Horsham. We’ve listed some of our favourite things to do for inspiration, as well as cafes in Horsham if you are looking for refreshments.