Horsham – Chesworth Farm

Horsham – Chesworth Farm Loop

5km – 3.1 miles     Difficulty – Easy

This walk starts from Horsham Town Centre and takes you through Chesworth Farm, before bringing you back across Denne Park. Ending up back in Horsham centre, there is plenty of choice for a post-walk coffee/snack!

Walk Directions

Download the route directions

  1. This walk starts from Horsham town centre, so there is plenty of choice of parking, or you can take the bus or train to Horsham. Head to the Carfax (where the bandstand is) and from here, continue South towards the market square, where Bills Restaurant is located. Just after Café Number 4 on the left, there is a small alleyway, which takes you to Pump Alley which makes a great picture, shown below.

2. Continue through Pump Alley until you reach the road (Denne Road), at which point turn right. Continue along this road, which will take you past Drill Hall on the left as shown below. When you reach Chesworth Lane on your left, head down here (it is signposted with a small green Public Footpath sign).

3. Follow Chesworth Lane until it starts to bend around the corner to the left. Here follow the green public bridleway sign, continuing along Chesworth Lane, where you will pass the board shown below, detailing what wildlife you may be able to spot!

4. Continue along the path, keeping to the left where the path slightly forks, following the yellow sign as shown below.

5. Once you reach the car park, take the path to the right and then follow the green Riverside Walk sign. Once you reach the building with the green doors, take the path to the left leading past the building.

6. The path then leads off in multiple directions. At the first signpost, take a right and then shortly afterwards, take another right at the next signpost, so that you are heading over a wide bridge.

7. After crossing over the bridge, continue up the path as it heads slightly uphill. Continue on this path for a while, ignoring a gate and path leading off to the right. At the second obvious opportunity to turn right, take this path which is a slight ‘dog-leg’. Follow this path through the trees, passing through the gate at the end.

8. Continue heading straight, until you reach the signpost shown below. Here, instead of continuing straight, follow the public footpath sign pointing to the left, across the field. Cross over the tarmac and continue heading in this ‘North-West’ direction until you reach another signpost. At this signpost, follow the path to the right, which takes you into the trees.

9. Follow the path through the trees (just a note that this path can get quite muddy in the winter!). Pass through the brown gate and continue until the path heads out of the trees and into the open fields of Denne Park. Slowly descend down the hill across the field until you reach the bridge over the railway. Cross over the railway bridge and follow the path as it heads past the cricket ground on your left.

10. Where the path reaches a small bridge, cross over this bridge which takes you up to St Mary’s Church. Take either the left or right path around the Church and then head up the Causeway back to the town centre.

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