Pulborough Brooks Walk

Pulborough Brooks Circular Walk

6km – 3.7 miles     Difficulty – Easy

Parking: RSPB Pulborough Brooks, Wiggonholt, Pulborough, RH20 2EL

This walk begins at the Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve car park and takes you on a circular loop to the town of Pulborough and back round along the river. This walk gives you beautiful views over Pulborough Brooks which is home to an array of wildlife and views of the South Downs.

The walk is 6km long in total, with Pulborough being located halfway through this walk, making it the perfect stop for a coffee. The walk takes you down the high street of Pulborough where the Little Bean Café is located which is dog and muddy boot friendly. It is at this café that the walk veers off the high street to the left. However, alternatively, you can walk further along the high street to The Cornstore Emporium which has a tea room inside for refreshments.

Walk Directions

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1. This walk begins at Pulborough Brooks Nature Reserve car park which is located just off the A283 between Pulborough and Storrington. The turning for Pulborough Brooks is signposted from the main road. Parking is free and there is an overflow car park for busier times. From the car park, head down the path to the right of the Visitor Centre which is signposted ‘Church’.

2. Head down this path (just a note, a short stretch of this path can get quite muddy in the winter), until you reach Wiggonholt Church. Here, head over the stile and then continue through the gate opposite, following the path to the right of the church.

3. Continue straight across this field, and through the following field warning you to keep dogs on a lead due to horses in the field. At the end of this field, follow the public footpath sign directing the path to the left.

4. Head through the kissing gate and follow the public footpath sign slightly to the right. Head over the next stile, past the house to the right. Continue straight on this path until you reach a footbridge. Follow the public footpath sign over the footbridge.

5. Continue across the field, veering slightly to the right, and head up the path until you reach Pulborough high street. At the high street, take a left and continue along the high street until you reach the Little Bean Cafe (a bright red building so not easily missed). Here, you can stop for refreshments, or continue on the walk which turns left just before the Little Bean Cafe, down Barn House Lane.

6. Head down the lane and through the gate. Continue straight across the field and follow the path with the river to the right. Continue until you reach the sign for ‘Pulborough Brooks – 15 mins’ directing you to the left.

7. Head through the gate at the end of this path and follow the path until you reach another gate with a path running perpendicular. Take the path straight across and head through the open field. Head into the next field turning left and following the field which takes you back up to Wiggonholt Church. Here take the same path back to the right, leading back up to the car park.

There is also a café at Pulborough Brooks if you want to leave your refreshments until the end. You can also pay to visit the Reserve,  totalling 256 hectares, which has various viewing points and the chance to see a range of wildlife including Peregrine falcons, nightingales and wigeons.

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