Patching Circular Loop

6.8km – 4.2 miles      Difficulty: Easy

Parking: There is free on-street parking near The World’s End pub, Arundel Road, Worthing, BN13 3UQ. what3wrds to the pub location – ///goodnight.ditched.slightly

This walk starts by The World’s End pub in Patching and then heads up to the pretty village of Patching, before heading through Angmering Estate and back round to the start point.

Walk Directions


1.This walk commences at The World’s End pub in Patching which is just off the roundabout between Long Furlong and the A27 – take the smaller exit towards Patching. There is on-street parking near the pub which is free. To the right of the pub, follow the public footpath sign which takes you down a fairly narrow path to the right of the pub (note this path can be a bit muddy in winter although it is only a short stretch).

2. The path takes you to a fork where there are openings to two fields. Take the path to the right and follow the path through the field straight on. When you reach the end of the field, take a left up the path and continue walking to the right of the field until you reach the road.

3. At the road, take a right and follow the road upwards through Patching village until you see a public footpath sign on the left and the St John The Divine Church. Follow the footpath to the left of the church until you reach the field and then take a right and follow the field upwards. Continue up this field until you reach a path running perpendicular, and take the path to the left towards the woods.

4. Here you enter Angmering Park Estate, and will see a sign to your left. Continue straight through the woods, here you can take a left where first signposted and follow this path which will take you back to road just further up from where the walk commenced. However, if you want a longer walk, continue straight through the woods (admiring the beautiful beech trees!).

5. When you have wandered through the woods enough, take any of the left hand turns and follow the signposts which should take you back to Arundel Road, where if you take a left should bring you back out near the pub.


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