Kithurst Hill

Kithurst Hill Circular Loop

7.3km – 4.5 miles      Difficulty – Medium

Updated August 2022

Parking: Kithurst Hill car park, Storrington, West Sussex, RH20 4HW. what3word location – ///huddling.yourself.meanest

This walk starts at Kithurst Hill, which is near the halfway point of the South Downs Way. From here, the walk heads South, in the direction of Burpham before heading West over towards Amberley way, and then heading North where the walk re-joins the South Downs Way, back to the car park.

Walk Directions & Map

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1. This walk commences at the Kithurst Hill car park, which is located just off the B2139. If you are approaching from Arundel/Amberley heading towards Storrington, take a right, if you are approaching from Storrington, take a left. Follow this track up to the car park located at the top. This car park is free and there is no time limit.

2. From the car park head through the gate onto the South Downs Way. Head across the South Downs Way and through the gate ahead. This takes you diagonally across the field to the left, with a gentle incline. Continue across the field, until you reach a signpost by the gap in the hedge that takes you through to the next field. Instead of carrying on straight ahead, take the narrow (and slightly overgrown!) path to the right. Shortly, this overgrown path opens up into another field, continue across this field and follow the signposts through the next field. On a clear day, you should be able to see straight ahead over towards Arundel in the distance and might even be able to see Arundel Castle.

3. Continue across the fields until you reach the end of the field where the path turns either left or right. Depending on how far you want to walk, you can take the path to the right and follow this straight up which brings you right back out at the car park.

4. If you want a longer walk, take the path to the left, and then pass through the gate at the end. This brings you out onto a path lined on each side by trees. Take the left and continue along here until you reach a signpost with paths leading off from a number of different directions. Take the main chalk path to the right that heads downwards into a dip before rising back up again.

kithurst hill south downs way

5. Follow this chalk path for a while (which continues uphill and downhill), until you can no longer continue straight. Here take the path to the right and follow this path straight for a while. There is a lovely view to the left as you continue up this path where there is a track to the left as you can see all the way over to Bignor Hill.

6. Continue up this path until it reaches a slight fork; there is a smaller restricted byway path to the left or the main path continues to the right. Follow the main path to the right, which shortly joins back up to the South Downs Way where you will take a slight right and pass through a short stretch of trees. Keep on this path until you arrive back at the car park.


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