Ebernoe Common

Ebernoe Common, about 5 miles north of Petworth in West Sussex, is a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest. It is lovely to walk around with your dog and follow the footpaths through the woodland. Bring your wellies or walking boots as it can be muddy but the area is flat which makes it a nice easy place to walk. The area is also home to a wide variety of wildlife, including 14 of the 17 British species of bats.

You can park at Ebernoe Church, which is also a beautiful Victorian building in itself and makes for a lovely photograph. The car park is just off Streel’s Lane nearby a red phone box so keep a lookout for that, the nearest postcode is GU28 9LD.

There is a great abundance of wildlife and flowers, including many species of woods, fungi and as well as bats, you can also hear owls and nightingales and there are also many types of butterflies. In terms of flowers, you can also enjoy the bluebells in Spring and there are also orchids primrose and cowslips. The site has evidence of industrial use such as brickworks, ponds, and a quarry.


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