Arrowtown Drinks

Arrowtown Drinks

Arrowtown Drinks is a new brand on the alcoholic sparkling water market, set up by brothers Rob and James. The brand is names after the town in New Zealand where the brothers came up with the idea, and they now sell the alcoholic sparking water in two flavours, Red Berry and Lime & Elderflower.

These drinks are refreshingly light and low in calories and sugar, making them a healthier option than most sugar-filled alcoholic drinks. However, these drinks are by no means boring and are still packed full of flavour. They are delicious enjoyed on their own, or they also pair well with gin, vodka or tequila (or anything really!) and can be used as mixer for cocktails.

On top of the great taste, 10% of profits got to charity, either Sea Shepherd UK, or Tusk.

We love both flavours and couldn’t possibly choose between them – luckily they sell a mixed case so you can try both flavours out!


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