Top Cycle Climbs in West Sussex – Bignor Hill & Bedham

In our latest blog we are exploring some of the best road cycling climbs in Sussex.  If you thought that this relatively low level county would have only a limited amount of decent climbing, you’d be wrong!  There are some great challenges out there and within this blog series we will explore our top 10 climbs. The first two climbs we are exploring in this blog are Bignor Hill and Bedham.

Bignor Hill

To start we will go with one of the toughest, Bignor Hill.

This climb starts in Bignor, a couple of miles to the west of the A29 near Bury.  The road to the top is a single track lane heading south and it is an up and back.  The road is a bit rough in places, mostly at the start and through the first steep climb but once through that the surface improves.

The first 200m is flat and you weave your way over the rough surface, then suddenly as you start to bear left the road rears up and you’re into full on climbing.  This is a tough section and if you’re like me you’re out of the saddle and pushing hard.

Weaving round to the right the gradient thankfully lessens a bit but is still 10% plus and carries on like this for a few hundred yards.  After this the gradient lessens again and you can push on to the summit at 208m.  Fantastic views from the top, to the south the sea, to the north beautiful Sussex.

To the west and east you are looking at the South Downs Way, a brilliant mountain biking trail. Turning round, care is needed on the lower part of the descent.  Add this climb into a longer route round the Downs.


You are approaching this cracking little climb in the beautiful Bedham Hills from the North, Wisborough Green side and coming down Fittleworth Road which then turns into Horsebridge Hill.  The run in from WG is a couple of miles of good road going through undulating terrain but when you see the road sign saying gradient 15% you know things are about to get tough.

The road is now single track and starts to get steep shortly after as you turn to the left then to the right.  The gradient then lessens but after a short stretch the road again turns to the left and steepens again.  Dig in here, the road then turns right and pushes on to the summit, but it’s pretty steep and the legs will be burning up this last bit.  Views not spectacular from the top, but you didn’t do it for the views!  Enjoy the long gradual descent down to Fittleworth, but take care as it’s fast on a single track.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog in this series where we explore the next two climbs – Chantry and Bostal Hill!